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Happy Paws

Adoption Corner

9 year old
Adopted 5/6/2024

Adopted by one of our own staff, Grace was rescued from California! She was in pretty bad shape when she reached New York. Scared of enclosed space, blind, and having severe luxating patella, Grace needed a ton of TLC. Our AGM couldn't resist her little face and gave her the forever home she needed!

4 year old
Terrier Mix

Candy aka Sweet Potato was a 4-year-old, 33-pound female terrier mix from the NYCACC. Unfortunately, she lost her owner due to a sudden death a few months ago and found herself in the NYCACC. In a surprising turn of events, the next of kin of her owner reached out to us. We were able to find out more about sweet Candy, such that her name is Candy. Her previous owner loved her very much and had her for about 6 months before his passing. While his family is not able to reclaim her.  Now she found her forever home.

11 month old
Husky/Terrier Mix
Adopted 5/24/2024

Consenito was a rescue from Mexico! He is a loving, adventurous pup who is looking for an active family to go on adventures with! Consenito loves high-energy activities, and will do anything to be rewarded with a treat! He was adopted by one of our staff!

We partner with Waggy Tail Rescue ( 

More Successful Adoption Stories

1 year old
Adopted 5/1/2024

Wall-E was a last-minute foster from Mexico who came to us because of his rambunctious nature. He wasn't a great match for a senior dog's home. After one short week, Wall-E found his forever home! He's still a NYC resident but will be cozying up to his new mom while she enjoys a great book!

5 month old
Chihuahua Mix
Adopted 4/30/2024

Charity was rescued from Texas! As a shy member of the Happy Paws pack, she gained so much confidence learning from our daycare clients. Charity now gets to romp around with her human brother! He's a toddler too. They get to grow up together!

1 year old
Rat Terrier
Adopted 4/20/2024

Ginger was rescued from Texas! A reserved little lady, Ginger could often be found perched in a window instead of running and playing. Preferring a lap instead of a leash, she found her perfect match, and now lives on the Upper East Side!

2 year old
Schnauzer Mix
Adopted 4/1/2024

Onyx was rescued from Brooklyn! He was surrendered by his family to a local shelter. Luckily our partner, Waggy Tail Rescue, assisted in bringing this boy to us! His high energy and love for adventure helped him find his forever home in Brooklyn!

8 month old
Terrier Mix
Adopted 3/31/2024

Prince was rescued from Texas! He was very weary of NYC and didn't trust anyone! But within a weeks time, Prince was strolling through lower Manhattan and enjoys meeting new friends! He now is enjoying working from home with his new parents in Brooklyn!

5 month old
Border Collie Mix
Adopted 3/15/2024

Ruth was rescued from Alabama! She and her litter mates were found with severe cases of Parvovirus. Once she was nursed back to health, Ruth allowed us to help her learn how to be a true dog again! She now lives in New Jersey with her new family!

6 year old
Corgi Mix
Adopted 2/13/2024

Casper was rescued in NYC! We don't know too much about Casper's story. But we do know he was adopted quickly! Within a week, Casper and his new family fell in love with each other! He now lives in Long Island and can be found helping his mom in her salon.

2 year old
Pekinese Mix
Adopted 2/5/2024

Rocky was rescued from Texas! Our first foster that helped us find our passion to help dogs in need. Through patience (and lots of treats), Rocky learned basic commands and the confidence to take in the Big Apple! He can now be found traveling with his new dad!

1 year old
Terrier Mix
Looking for a home!

Meet April, the adorable 1-year-old, 32-pound female mix from NYCACC!

April is an absolute sweetheart who adores head pets and scratches once she's comfortable. Though initially timid, she quickly warms up to people, resting her head on you for love and pets. She's already mastered "sit" and "look" and is eagerly learning leash manners. While she may stubbornly stand still to greet new friends, her wagging tail reveals her eagerness to say hello.

We can't wait for April to find her forever family!

Chicken Little
5 month old
Adopted 5/9/2024

Chicken Little is a rescue from Texas! Her previous foster needed to re-home Chicken, and with ample space, Happy Paws was ready to accept this little princess with open arms. Chicken is full of energy and loves giving kisses. 

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