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316 Lafayette Street, New York, NY, USA

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About the Role


Clean and freshen pet hair by washing, shampooing, and conditioning it

Shave, trim, and style pet hair according to the owner’s preferences

Must be able to groom all breeds and sizes

Maintain overall pet hygiene by clipping nails, brushing teeth, anal gland expression and cleaning ears

Maintain a clean workstation and grooming room by cleaning and sanitizing at the end of each work shift.

Advise owners on at-home care tips and best practices for their pets

Demonstrated passion for animals

Ability to work comfortably with animals, including anxious ones

Ability to stand for at least two hours and lift animals weighing over 50 pounds

Willingness to learn new skills and techniques

Well-developed verbal communication skills

Excellent attention to detail

Experience in pet grooming

Experience in customer service

Experience with animals in a professional or volunteer capacity

Professional certification

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